Education Flyers

Download, view, or print our education flyers.  These documents provide additional factual information for educational purposes only and are not to be construed as financial advice.

Our publications listed below are downloadable as PDFs and are all less than 2MB.

Aged Care

Download PDF – Aged Care

Asset Class Returns

Download PDF – 20 Years of Annual Asset Class Returns to 31st December 2020


Download PDF – Budget

Download Excel Spreadsheet – ASIC MoneySmart budget-planner

Centrelink / DVA

Download PDF – A Guide to Australian Government Payments (20 September 2021 to 31 December 2021)

Download PDF – Centrelink Allowances

Download PDF – Centrelink Gifting

Download PDF – Centrelink Pensions

Download PDF – Centrelink Rent Assistance

Download PDF – Centrelink Strategies

Download PDF – Centrelink Waiting Periods

Download PDF – Centrelink Work Bonus

Download PDF – Concession Cards

Download PDF – Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Download PDF – Low Income Health Card

Download PDF – DVA Pensions


Download PDF – Debt

Estate Planning

Download PDF – Estate Planning

Download PDF – Funeral Bonds


Download PDF – Insurance Bond

Download PDF – Insurance Strategies Business

Download PDF – Insurance Strategies Personal


Download PDF – Child Savings Plan

Download PDF – Dollar Cost Averaging

Download PDF – How Long Will My Money Last?

Download PDF – Investment Listed on ASX

Download PDF – Margin Lending

Download PDF – Portfolio Construction

Download PDF – Portfolio Management

Download PDF – Top Slicing


Download PDF – Redundancy

Risk Profile

Download PDF –  Risk Profile Info Flyer

Salary Packaging (non-Super)

Download PDF – Salary Packaging Non Super

Small Business CGT Concessions

Download PDF – Small Business CGT Concessions


Download PDF – Super Rates & Thresholds 2020-2021

Download PDF – Super and Divorce

Download PDF – Super Contributions

Download PDF – Super Govt Co-contributions

Download PDF – Downsizing Contributions

Download PDF – Super Introduction

Download PDF – Super Pensions

Download PDF – Super Re-contribution

Download PDF – Super Spouse Contributions

Download PDF – Super Transition to Retirement Pensions


Download PDF – SMSF In-specie transfer

Download PDF – SMSF Introduction

Download PDF – SMSF Limited Recourse Borrowing

Download PDF – SMSF Winding Up


Download PDF – ‘Latest 2020-2021’ Personal Taxation Rates

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