Twilight Financial Planning – Where to Park?

When visiting Twilight Financial Planning for the first time, it is worth noting that we are in Suite 5 on level 4 of the South Shore Centre on the corner of Mends Street and the South Perth Esplanade in South Perth (in the building above Coco’s restaurant).

If you are visiting us via train or bus, we are just a short ferry trip from Elizabeth Quay to the Mends St Jetty.

If you prefer to drive there are numerous choices for parking as highlighted on the map below.

Firstly there is free street parking on Mends Street, however that is limited to just 1 hour.

You can park in the foreshore parking bays on the South Perth Esplanade overlooking the river.  These bays are $3.00 per hour with a 2 hour maximum.

Another popular place to park is underneath the building, with access in and out of the carpark from South Perth Esplanade.  The first hour is free.  Between 1 to 2 hours the cost is $4.00 and between 2 to 3 hours it is $8.00 up to a maximum $28.00 for all day.

If you park under the building, there is a lift in the car park, however this only comes up one level.  You then need to exit out of the lift on L1, walk around the corner through the double glass doors to the main lifts to access level 4.  Don’t forget when you leave (even when visiting for less than 1 hour ie ‘free’, you still need to process your ticket in the vending machine to be able to exit the car park.

If you are really keen and plan a long stay the Zoo Parking on Mill Point Road is only a short walk and costs $6.00 for all day (note no change given).

And finally there is “Wilson Parking” behind The Windsor Hotel and bottle shop.  However be warned parking here costs $2.00 per half hour, with a 5 hour maximum.

There are many entrances into the building (marked with the blue arrows on the map below).

South Shore Centre (below) as viewed from the car park on the South Perth Esplanade.  You can also see the access to the undercover car park.

South Shore Centre (below) as viewed from Mends Street.  Here you can see one of the many stair accesses into the Centre, there is ramp access as well.

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