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Twilight - What’s in a name?

When Margaret, Andrew and myself came together it was left to me to come up with a name for our new venture and I have to admit it wasn’t easy.  It sounds like a fairly straight forward task but firstly you have to have a ‘business’ name that is available for registration.  In other words it can’t already be taken and with over 30,000 financial advisers in Australia you might be surprised at just how many names are already registered.

Next up the name also had to be available for our website, not to mention being available on social media platforms.  

You then have to compete with all the businesses that register any name they can think of in the hope that if you want it badly enough you’ll pay a king’s ransom for it.

Before long I realised why so many businesses make up a name like Yahoo, Google or Bing.

It was during this process that Ashley said to me “Why don’t you use your old business name?”

It took me a moment to realise what she meant, but then the penny dropped… and perfect… “Twilight Financial Planning” was born.

In the early 80’s I opened a heavy metal record store in Perth that I called Twilight Records.  I liked the connection to the past and I liked the connection to that magical time of day between daylight and darkness.

Contrary to popular belief, each day we can all enjoy Twilight… twice.  Firstly, before sunrise… we can look forward to the promise of the day ahead and secondly, after sunset… we can celebrate the day coming to an end.

If you make time in your busy life to watch a sunrise or sunset you will quickly realise that WA has a stunning Twilight…  just look at the slide-show above.  Yes, we have much to be grateful for.

At Twilight Financial Planning we are all fiercely proud of our Australian heritage and this is why we have adorned our offices with images of Australian landscapes, cities, beaches and native animals.

In designing the logo for Twilight Financial Planning again I kept a connection to the past by keeping a similar style of font and thanks to Andrew’s input we incorporated our Australian spirit with the inclusion of the Southern Cross.  My brother Jeff helped fine-tune the logo from my early fool hardy ideas into what you see today.

We like our name ‘Twilight’ and what it represents to us (… our past, present and future) and we certainly hope you like it too.